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Welcome to Blitz Imports, Australia’s premier international buying and distribution company.
About Us
Blitz Imports, Australia, is an international buying and distribution company, based in Queensland and Western Australia, that have developed a unique trading solution to provide businesses with an opportunity to import products sourced throughout Asia directly to their location.

Blitz Imports is constantly sourcing a range of products directly from manufacturers to offer clients. Whilst we do purchase a range of specific catalogue items tailored to customer’s requirements, we also source surplus, discounted, cancelled order’s and clearance stock items.

Blitz Imports offer an extensive range of items to business operations that want competitively priced products imported by an experienced Australian based support network.

The Blitz Imports buying solution provides customers with an exciting opportunity to join other operators who enjoy dealing with a qualified importing company with a proven track record.

Blitz Imports, Australia, offer an array of furniture and décor that potential customers will want to purchase at competitive prices.
Blitz Imports, Australia, is proud to announce the recent addition of our awesome range of lacquerware